Scopes of concrete and reinforced concrete.

Concrete is a fairly important building material. It is obtained by curing a mixture of water, a binder, additives and aggregates.

Concrete is quite widely used in industrial and civil construction. For different elements of the erected structure, different grades and types of concrete are used, which are determined at the stage of project formation.

The strength of concrete during its compression is the main characteristic that determines the brand of concrete. Concrete, according to the type of binder, is divided into: polymer concrete, silicate and cement.

By volumetric weight, there are the following types of concrete:

Lightweight concrete, bulk density of which does not exceed 1800kg/m3.

Heavy concretes which are used in industrial construction and whose bulk density is more than 1800kg/m3.

Heavy concrete should not be used for the superstructure of the building and for the construction of internal partitions. And cellular concrete cannot be used in the construction of basements and cellars.

What are reinforced concrete structures?

Reinforced concrete structures are mainly monolithic and prefabricated. Monolithic concreted directly at the construction site. They allow you to create a modern house with large areas, free planning and high thermal insulation qualities of the outer walls. Used for this type of construction monolithic wall and floor structures and a rigid metal frame. Reinforced concrete prefabricated structures are assembled from individual factory elements directly at the construction site itself.

In reinforced concrete, the binder is often stressed cement, which grows in volume during hardening, so the structure becomes self-stressed.

The main area of ​​application of concrete is the construction of large objects that cannot be erected without a specially prepared mixture, on the basis of which fasteners and its further gluing take place.

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