Scopes of sawdust concrete

Scopes of sawdust concrete?

Environmentally friendly sawdust concrete is a material based on natural ingredients – sand, cement and sawdust. The high content of the organic filler of sawdust provides the blocks with qualities such as vapor permeability and sound absorption and unique sanitary and hygienic properties. Houses built from this material have an excellent microclimate. Many properties of wall blocks are similar to those of wood.

It can be concluded that sawdust concrete blocks are an excellent environmentally friendly material that meets the basic sanitary and hygienic requirements.

An important quality for a building material is water absorption. The lower this indicator, the higher the frost resistance of the material. The product has a water absorption coefficient – from 8 to 12%. It can be significantly reduced by using special water-repellent compounds in the manufacture of products.

The next important property of sawdust concrete is its low flammability. Fire resistance is due to the fact that the organic aggregate (sawdust) is reliably covered with a layer of cement mortar, if the material is heated, this layer self-extinguishes. When exposed to high temperatures, the bearing qualities of the blocks do not change. The fire resistance of sawdust concrete is significantly superior to that of expanded polystyrene concrete. Blocks of sawdust concrete with a sawdust content of up to 50% are practically non-flammable, they can be used for any construction work.

When buying concrete, you expect that the construction of the object will be completed faster in this way, but there are two sides, on the one hand, everything is true, and on the other, it all depends on the quality of the material, if it is low, then the result may be undesirable results that will only harm you and your facility, so you should carefully monitor the state of construction work, otherwise it is likely that they will not last long.

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