Decor in a classic American home in Florida

The unremarkable facade of the house in a classic American style is combined with a much more interesting interior.

The color palette in pleasant cream shades creates a pleasant atmosphere of home comfort at any time of the day. The kitchen, dining and living areas are combined into a single space with a beautiful view of Naples Bay. If desired, the glass panels can be moved, turning the living area into a terrace. The tiny courtyard features a swimming pool and a relaxation area, where family evenings are especially pleasant.

When you see a standard American house, the absence of an iron door immediately catches your eye. Yes, yes, no one here puts some powerful armored doors with a bunch of locks, innovative security systems, and so on. Americans for the most part prefer ordinary wooden or even glass doors – you know, which in films are knocked out with one kick. At most, if you go into some not very prosperous area, you will see a lattice on the door. But this does not mean that there are no robbers in America, or that people are not at all afraid of them, just that usually every large and good house or apartment must have insurance.

In American homes, light switches are located inside the room, and not outside, as we have. That is, as is customary with us – first you press the switch, and only then go into, say, the bathroom. For Americans, you first need to enter a dark room, feel for the switch with your hand, and only then turn on the light. And when trying to find a logical explanation for this phenomenon, nothing but “it happened historically” comes to mind.

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