How monitoring reviews helps in business development: main advantages

There are many online services and cloud solutions that are aimed at end users or companies. These resources need an objective assessment and tracking of information that is distributed about them on the network. It is suggested to use the IT services catalog to select the desired option.

Main characteristics

The Jotter website offers the Ginix platform for tracking reviews for a wide variety of services. The site has offers for more than 300 online platforms, cloud resources, CRM systems and other applications that track reviews and offer methods for working with them.

The owner can also order his own monitoring by specifying the name of the service or application.

The platform carries out the following processes:

  1. Searches for all reviews that relate to a specific service posted on the Internet. Monitoring primarily includes social networks, specialized review sites, thematic forms and other resources.
  2. The content of the message and its tone are determined: positive; neutral; negative.
  3. The platform provides a set of tools and capabilities that will help reduce the impact of negative reviews and spread positive ones to a large audience.
  4. All information is collected into reports, statistics are generated and analysis is carried out. The impact of reviews on consumers is studied, and trends in messages and their dissemination are identified.

Based on the information received, you can develop a strategy and implement it using the Ginix platform.

Features and benefits

To use the services, you need to register and indicate your service, its area of activity, and a number of features. Based on this information, monitoring is set up, for which artificial intelligence is used.

Next, a detailed “combing” of the network is carried out to identify all available messages related to the service. The meaning of negative ones can be neutralized, positive ones can be spread as widely as possible.

Even if there is only one such review, its author will be contacted and motivated to leave more messages on those resources that are important to the owner of the service.

The monitoring process can be carried out continuously, the customer will be informed about the appearance of each message, its tone and location. The cost of use is recouped very quickly, covering a large number of resources for checking reviews.

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