Handbag Sense: a large assortment of bags from the world’s most famous brands

What are luxury goods? There are a lot of things of this type, but bags are probably the youngest item on the list. Meanwhile, collecting bags is a huge industry. Of course, we are talking about outstanding brands that everyone knows. For example, “Buy Gucci luxury Bags, Purses, & Accessories” is a common request for a bag collector.

A little about the boutique

Handbag Sense is a store in Berlin whose raison d’être is to buy and sell branded bags. The founder of the boutique, Evi, has been a passionate collector herself since 1995, so she understands the needs of customers perfectly. Handbag Sense has appeared relatively recently, but there is a lot of experience behind it.

Buying a luxury bag is more difficult than it seems. Official boutiques do not sell collectible models to everyone, only to a select few lucky ones. The price is also a deterrent: luxury bags are incredibly expensive. For many, Handbag Sense becomes the only opportunity to replenish the collection and find exactly the right item.

Collecting bags

To understand why you should buy a branded bag, you need to understand what its value is. Manufacturers use high-quality and expensive materials: rare types of leather, precious metals and stones. Many models are made by hand, all in limited editions. Of course, there is a markup for the brand. As a result, a collectible bag costs more than a new apartment!

A high-end bag is a great investment. The starting cost is huge, and the products are steadily increasing in price. The cost can double in just two years! Of course, a lot depends on the condition, but the scheme looks terribly attractive: Buy Balenciaga luxury Bags, Purses, & Accessories, wait a few years and sell for much more.

However, collecting is not just money, it is the pleasure of hunting for rarities, of owning rare specimens. These emotions cannot be faked.

Handbag Sense Boutique

But bags can be faked. A Google search for “Buy Goyard luxury Bags, Purses, & Accessories” does not always lead to original products. In order not to be deceived and to buy a real bag, you need to buy from the best. Handbag Sense sells only original brand bags – used and brand new, of different brands and collections. When you contact a boutique, you get confidence: the bag will take its rightful place in your collection. Yes, it is expensive, but the high price becomes an advantage in collecting bags. Investing in bags is more profitable than investing in real estate or even gold.

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