Installation of fire doors and curtains – reliable protection against the spread of fire

Every year, fires cause huge material damage to people, and often cause human casualties, so metal fire doors will help to avoid the spread of fire. Fortunately, today it is possible not only to foresee the likelihood of a fire, but also to reliably protect against it, since special non-combustible materials have appeared, from which it has become possible to manufacture various products. So at present, each owner can secure his premises as fully as possible, regardless of its intended purpose and departmental affiliation.

Doors can also protect from fire

Today, the attention of buyers is presented with a wide selection of fire doors, which are no longer similar to those that were offered to buyers in the past. If 20 years ago such doors were a simple metal structure that did not have a beautiful aesthetic appearance at all and could be installed exclusively in a warehouse or technical room, today metal fire doors may not look at all different from ordinary ones. At the same time, behind the beautiful appearance, there is a reliable metal inside that can reliably protect the room from fire penetration. Installation of fire doors is:

Guaranteed protection against the spread of fire;

Low level of smoke penetration;

High reliability and durability of the product;

Qualitative aesthetic characteristics;

Fire curtains are an excellent fire containment tool

In technological premises, workshops of large plants and factories, fire protection equipment should be approached with all responsibility, since here, as a rule, the possibility of ignition is quite high. Currently, special protective partitions can be installed here – fire-retardant curtains made of heat-resistant fabric, which is indicated by the Latin letter “E”. In general, the design is a box made of steel sheet, in which a shaft with an electric motor is installed, as well as a direct curtain fabric. In addition, there are also side rails, a bottom finish bar and control equipment. The curtains have an automatic drive, which, in the event of a fire, begin to fall, dividing it into certain sectors, as a result of which the flame is quickly localized. Thus, the damage from accidental ignition is much less than it could be.

Safety first

Summing up all of the above, it should be said that today there are all the possibilities of equipping your premises with fire safety equipment. Having made certain cash costs by purchasing fireproof curtains. You get the most effective protection against the damaging effects of fire, thereby helping to save the lives of people who work in the building.

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