Wooden floor insulation

Insulation of the floor at the moment is not such a rarity. The main thing is to prevent the penetration of cold air. In a separate building, the insulation of a wooden / parquet floor (for example, a summer house) is done in three stages:

one. The first layer is insulation;

2. The second layer is a vapor barrier;

3. The third layer is the flooring.

First of all, you need to dismantle the old parquet boards. Then, boards 2 centimeters thick or more are laid out along the floor of the room. A layer, preferably, of solid-state insulation, is laid over the boards so that the boards and the insulation are pressed against each other as much as possible. The remaining gaps are eliminated with foam.

After that, a layer of vapor barrier material is laid on the /katalog/rockwool insulation, securing it with bars. In this case, the vapor barrier reflects heat and repels moisture.

Penofol – foamed polyethylene material similar to foil, great for vapor barrier. Flexible, thin and also soundproofing.

In order for vapor barrier to fit tightly to the insulation, with a metallized adhesive tape, it is necessary to work on the joints. After that, you can install the old parquet boards back.

The wooden floor in apartments is insulated in about the same way, but with small differences. Namely:

– After dismantling old parquet boards, lags are placed on the concrete, and the insulation is laid between them. Metallized adhesive tape, when using cotton wool (mineralized), this can not be done, joints are fixed.

Then everything is the same as in a separate building, vapor barrier and installation of old parquet boards.

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