Installing a thermostat for a battery

With the help of various thermostatic equipment, it is possible to establish the required temperature regime in the room, which can automatically change during the day. Proper thermal management can also significantly reduce utility bills. It is possible to implement the optimal thermal control of the room in terms of costs in the presence of heating meters.

Most often, rooms such as kitchens and rooms facing the sunny side need temperature control, as they experience the greatest fluctuation in the average daily temperature. Also, thermostats can be in demand in sleeping quarters, in which for a comfortable sleep the temperature must be maintained not exceeding 20 ° C.

The best place for the installation of thermostatic equipment is directly the radiator of the heating battery. It is worth noting that curtains and decor items can distort the data of thermal sensors of the thermostat, so it is advisable to get rid of them.

The temperature sensor can be installed at some distance from the thermostat control panel. This distance can be from 2 to 8 meters. It is most convenient to use for this purpose on a section of the pipeline located far from the entrance to the radiator of the heating battery.

In the case of proper installation of thermostatic equipment, it can change the air temperature in the room in the range from 5-30 ° C, while the switching step will be 1 ° C. In different models, this characteristic can vary greatly, so be sure to find out about all the characteristics of thermostatic equipment before making a purchase.

Mounting the thermostat

Before starting the installation of thermostatic equipment, it is necessary to prepare the heating system. For this purpose, it is necessary to turn off the water supply in the riser and drain the water in the heating system. The installation procedure is as follows:

• First you need to cut the pipes at the distance from the radiator where you want to install the thermostat.

• Next, it is necessary to dismantle the cut section of the pipe, as well as the valve, if it was installed.

• This is followed by a procedure for disconnecting the shank from the shut-off valve and thermostat. They must be inserted into the plugs of the heating battery.

• The next step is to install the piping, which must be pre-assembled.

• The final step includes connecting the piping to the horizontal water pipes coming out of the riser.

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Setting up thermostatic equipment

The thermostat will operate at its peak efficiency only if the leakage of warm air from the heated room is minimal. These conditions can be maintained by keeping doors and windows closed. For a correct assessment of the temperature, the thermometer must be placed in a zone of stable temperature. Controlling the thermostat is quite easy. To set the maximum temperature, you need to turn the thermostat knob to the left to the maximum, which ensures the full opening of the control valve in the water pipe. To stop heating the air, it is necessary to close the control valves by turning the thermostat knob to the right until it stops. It should be noted that after turning off the thermostat, the air temperature in the room will slowly drop, so further fine-tuning will be required using the control knob.

The choice of a suitable model of a thermostat and its installation is a rather time-consuming and technological procedure, therefore, in order to obtain an optimal result, you should seek help from qualified specialists. Only specialized workers can fully implement all the recommendations of the manufacturer of temperature control equipment. A properly installed controller, installed in accordance with all technical regulations, can maintain a variety of room temperatures, which will increase the comfort of the people in them. And given the current prices for paying for heating services from housing and communal services, it can also save you a significant amount of money and pay for its purchase and installation within 1-2 seasons.

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