Installation of a warm electric floor

Installation of a warm electric floor can take place using two different technologies that require different approaches. The first option is when the heating elements (in this case, the electric cable acts as heating elements) is collected in the so -called “snake”. The second option is when an electric cable is first collected in special mats, after which the mats are already laid on the floor.

Both of these options are uncomplicated in the embodiment. If it is decided to install an electric warm floor in the form of a “snake”, the cable is put in this case directly on the base of the floor, that is, on a concrete screed. Cable bends should be evenly distributed around the perimeter of the entire floor so that the floor warms up equally in all parts of the room. Of course, you can not lay the cable under the furniture, it will not be useful for the furniture itself and for the cable, as it can overheat, because under any furniture the air movement is difficult. As for mats, they are very easy to work with.

Features and nuances of installation

Mats for the installation of electric underfloor heating are sold ready-made. They need to be glued to the base of the floor and connected to each other with special terminals that come with the kit. By the way, when using mats, you can even not do a screed if the existing screed is in good condition. Sometimes it is possible to lay mats directly on the old flooring without dismantling it. This is another undoubted plus that raises the position of electric heating mats for underfloor heating. I must say that both options are very reliable.

Both the “snake” and the mats do not require absolutely no attention to themselves after installation and installation. For the entire service life, maintenance of the floor is not carried out. And its service life, declared by technologists, is at least 50 years. Underfloor heating is not a demanding system, it is connected to a conventional electrical network with a voltage of 220 V. At the same time, it is possible to equip the system with thermostats, including automatic ones, which will maintain the temperature set by the owners, turning on and off as needed and monitoring the overall temperature of the floor and the room as a whole. Very comfortably!

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