Reliable lightning protection

In central Russia, thunderstorm activity per year can last from 20 hours and reach 80. Every year in Russia alone, several hundred dachas burn down from lightning strikes. The press service of Metal Profile offers to think seriously about the lightning protection of the roof of their country houses.

Head of the Group’s Department of Roofing Systems, B. Desyatun recommends choosing a specific lightning protection for each type of roof. Protecting your home from lightning should be as natural as insulating the ceiling of a house.

There are two types of lightning protection: passive and active. Passive classical protection includes installation on the highest point of a metal rod. This is a lightning rod. It takes on the electrical discharge of lightning. Then this discharge passes through the current-carrying descent from the current collector to the ground electrode and is sent to the ground. This type of protection is suitable for metal coatings.

Active lightning protection does not accept, but prevents a lightning strike, ahead of it. ABB manufactures lightning rods OPR and Pulsar, which artificially generate a high voltage pulse towards lightning. They catch a bolt of lightning and divert it to the ground.

If you make protection from the elements correctly, then in any weather you can not be afraid for the reliability of your home.

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