Reliability of the house behind metal doors

Since ancient times, man has sought to reliably protect his home. For this, the entrance to his cave was filled with stones. These simple means of protection were the prototype of modern metal entrance doors. Vulnerabilities on the first floors are window openings. They can be protected by extra strong metal-plastic windows, bars or roller shutters. As for the doorways, it is advisable to insert reliable metal doors into them, designed to protect them from intruders. It doesn’t stop burglars either. Although not every metal door is able to reliably “hold the defense”. Criminals make real and hypothetical attempts to break into someone else’s home.

Hypothetical actions are “noisy” methods of hacking: with a pry bar, crowbar or metal trimmer. But here there is a risk of being heard and attracting the attention of eyewitnesses, with their subsequent call to the police. Usually this method is used in places where the noise created will not attract anyone or will not be heard by anyone.

Real penetration attempts are characterized by the absence of traces of mechanical impact on the doors and their locks. Criminals resort to different methods of opening metal doors. Let’s look at some of them.

Using a metal trimming machine to open metal doors in an apartment building looks somehow illogical. But on the other hand, in winter, for opening country and country empty houses, it is a very good option. This method is more often used by state emergency services on legal grounds.

There is also a way using a gas cutter, but this requires the use of heavy equipment. In addition, when using the cutter, the smell of burning and smoke that can attract the attention of neighbors stands out. This method can also use emergency services.

The use of hydraulic scissors, which the Ministry of Emergencies have, did not find a widespread criminals. As well as squeezing the door with a jack. The use of the jack is ineffective, due to the fact that most metal doors are attached to the walls on anchor bolts and autopsy is possible with the conjugation of the destruction of part of the wall.

Some crackers are trying to knock out or drill cylindrical locks in the doors, but lock manufacturers contrast additional protection, in this case.

Other “specialists” practice lock bumping, that is, the use of a universal key, but even here lock manufacturers are on the alert.

However, the confrontation continues: burglars come up with new ways to penetrate, and manufacturers improve doors and locks.

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