Facade insulation is an important stage of construction

During construction work, special attention, as a rule, is paid to the facade of the building, because it is it that is its main part. There are many ways to finish the facade of the house – the use of facing material, decorated masonry, plastering and the like. Basically, the plastered part of the facade is painted – this is necessary in order to give the building an individual and aesthetically pleasing look, as well as to protect the walls from snow, rain or factors such as rotting, erosion or rust. Today on the market there is a large selection of various paints that are designed for outdoor use and are resistant to external factors. The client can choose the paint that is most pleasant to him, and you can also use combinations of different shades and tones.

Facade insulation is not only a tribute to fashion, but also an economically justified construction event, because thanks to this procedure, the house will become much warmer and more comfortable. All owners of various structures try to do such work and, as a rule, they entrust this business to professionals. Facade Insulation Center POLIMIN is one of the companies that has been insulating building facades for a long time.

What gives insulation? Thanks to this procedure, it is possible not only to save on heating, but also to improve the characteristics of the building. The most popular material is polystyrene, and there is nothing surprising in this – it has excellent properties, but it is quite inexpensive. In addition, foam plastic makes it possible to reduce heating and air conditioning costs by up to 65 percent on average. Also, warm walls make it possible in winter to protect the room from the penetration of cold air, and in summer – from sultry heat. In addition, the foam is able to provide good sound insulation to the building and protect against the appearance of fungi, mold on the walls and freezing in the premises.

As a rule, foam insulation is carried out in several ways, it depends on the requirements for the material and the capabilities of the owner of the house. There are heavy and light plaster insulation systems, as well as three-layer systems and ventilated facades. Insulation of building facades – a popular and common type of insulation. In this case, the material is either glued or fastened with dowels to the load-bearing wall.

The insulated facade provides more comfortable conditions for living in the building, increases the life of the building without forced repairs, even cosmetic ones.

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