What to wear with a down jacket

Recently, more and more women, choosing winter outerwear, prefer down jackets. We remember that more recently, this clothing was perceived by many as a necessary and obligatory attribute of street market trade, but times are changing, and today down jackets have ceased to be gray and dull. Fashionable modern down jackets are a beautiful and stylish thing. Women’s love for this type of outerwear is easily explained: down jackets are distinguished by lightness, comfort and a good level of thermal protection. Simply put, they are warm and comfortable.

What to wear with a down jacket

The fashion industry offers a huge selection of down jackets. You can choose any color, style and decor. Down jackets are trimmed with fur, decorated with embroidery and bright accessories, they are made in different lengths and shapes. In short, choosing a down jacket to your taste is not difficult. Recently, stylists are increasingly recommending that women abandon such a practical black and gray color, and give preference to models of bright colors. But it is advised to refuse white models: they often make a woman look like a Snow Maiden and visually weight the figure.

Another question: what to wear with such clothes to look fashionable and stylish. I must say that down jackets are quite capricious. The wrong choice of kit can easily turn you into a “woman on a samovar”. The line between a good look and a ridiculous look is quite thin when it comes to down jackets.

For example, down jackets are categorically not combined with business-style clothing. This set will look out of place. For formal suits there are coats and classic raincoats. Down jacket, a story from another opera. So, let’s figure out how to combine these popular clothes.

Short down jackets

Short down jackets are perfectly completed with jeans and short tight skirts. Choose shoes with flat soles. For example, rough boots, high boots or ugg boots look good. Jeans can be worn with such shoes both loose and tucked into the shaft. Both options will look good with a short down jacket. Complete the set with stylish knitted accessories: gloves, long scarves, snoods, voluminous hats with pom-poms.

What to wear with a down jacket

Young girls can also afford a more daring combination: a short fitted down jacket and a romantic dress. For such an image, it is important to find the right accents. To make the set look stylish, match it with tight matching tights and country-style boots.

Do not wear high-heeled shoes or stilettos with a down jacket. For them there are more successful partners. A down jacket is a garment that requires a more relaxed and free style. If you remember this, then you will always be able to look stylish and interesting.

Medium down jackets

Such down jackets are more practical for winter time, but it is more difficult to complete them. The average length does not tolerate dresses and mini skirts if they look out from under outerwear.

What to wear with a down jacket

Here it is better to give preference to jeans or leggings. For example, tight trousers can be complemented with elongated tunics and high boots or low shoes. Such a set, combined with a medium-length down jacket, will look very good.

Long down jackets

The best choice for the winter – long down jackets-coats. In such models it will definitely not be cold. Long down jackets are below the knee or slightly above. Many of them feature feminine cuts and interesting details. These down jackets go well with skirts and dresses. Under the down jacket, you can pick up a stylish belt – this will make the image complete. It is better to choose hats neat with any interesting decorative element. If the down jacket is fitted, high wedge boots or thick heels are perfect for it. When choosing a bag for a set, give preference to models of medium size. Too large a bag makes the image heavier.

What to wear with a down jacket

Long down jackets can also be worn with trousers. Narrow models tucked into the tops of high boots look good. Shoes in this case should be higher than the length of the down jacket itself. Wearing trousers with a long down jacket is not worth it. This combination makes the figure disproportionate.

Following these simple recommendations, you can create interesting and very successful kits. The down jacket is quite versatile, and most importantly, really comfortable winter clothing that will help you survive the cold season with ease and comfort, while looking modern and fashionable.

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