Setting tools for wallpaper

No matter how complicated for the beginner the process of pasting walls with wallpaper, tools used in these works are surprisingly simple.

If you bought wallpaper in rolls, then to cut them on the right panels you will need a very sharp knife. Cutting the wallpaper by a poorly sharpened knife, you will get a villous edge. The same applies to scissors used to cut the wallpaper strips – they should be with well -sharpened long blades. The shaggy edge formed along the edges of the wallpaper canvas can affect the quality of the past.

You need to have several brushes for work. There should be two large brushes: one for applying glue to the canvas, the other for priming the wall with glue. To remove strips with glue along the edge, in the corners of the canvases, as well as near door and window openings and near baseboards, it is good to use a small handbrake brush.

Wallpaper sheets pasted on the wall and their joints must be rolled. For this purpose, you must have a plastic or rubber roller.

But it’s better not to smooth the pasted wallpaper with a rag (it must certainly be clean). Have a special brush with soft bristles handy.

Well, in order to control the correct vertical installation of the canvases, you should purchase a plumb line and carefully align the first sheet of wallpaper along it. And then the subsequent canvases will lie down along a given vertical.

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