What can and cannot be saved on when purchasing a door

According to the functional purpose, there are entrance groups of doors (external or internal), through which the entrance to and exit from the dwelling is carried out, and interior, delimiting the internal space of a house or apartment. In addition, entrance doors ensure the safety of residents and the safety of property. Depending on the size of the entrance opening, they are single-leaf and double-leaf.

External entrance doors can be metal, solid or combined. In the manufacture of such joinery, glass is not often used. To design interior doorways, the buyer is offered canvases made of laminated and painted MDF, tinted from solid pine, veneered with fine wood veneer or glass. MDF sheets have a lightweight internal structure. They don’t dry out or deform. Solid wood door blocks are more capricious in operation, but the beautiful wood pattern organically fits into the interior of both classic and modern styles. Veneered door leafs are distinguished by a wide variety of shades and textures.

A wide range of high-quality entrance and interior doors are presented by Ukrainian manufacturers. Beautiful and reliable doors Makiivka, like any other city, will offer customers at affordable prices and decent quality. Ukrainian doors can compete with foreign suppliers, so it makes sense to take a closer look at them. Domestic manufacturers complete door leafs with boxes and platbands, arches and sliding systems. If necessary, you can also order a floor plinth of the same design as the door joinery.

The entrance group must be mounted by specialists. Without professional skills, it is not worth taking on the installation of such a structure. An interior door, if you have the appropriate tool and the ability to work with it, you can install yourself, saving a certain amount of money. The presence on the Internet of a large number of master classes, video tutorials and step-by-step instructions will help to avoid mistakes. A lot of good installation advice can be found on the construction forums. But what you should not save on is accessories. Good Italian or German hinges, locks and handles can hardly be found a worthy alternative. The decorative coating of good quality door fittings does not peel off, does not darken or become stained, steadfastly withstanding a long service life.

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