What to look for when choosing interior door handles?

As you know, no picture looks better than framed in a good frame. The same can be said about the door. The door handle complements the overall design of the door, in addition to fulfilling its original function of opening and closing doors. The choice of door handles is very extensive, so you can’t rush when choosing a handle. You must imagine and feel the convenience of a doorknob, see how it will look on the door. Therefore, choosing handles for interior doors is best in the door store where you have the opportunity to estimate one or another option.

Choose the handles that you think best fit the overall style of your living space. After that, try the handles, as they say, to the touch, as the handle should be comfortable. Pay special attention to the material of manufacture. Recently, most often in the design of premises use handles made of brass. This is a fairly durable material that is easily processed, taking various forms. Handles made of various pressed materials and light alloys are considered the least reliable.

Modern handles are made in various styles and colors. Therefore, when choosing handles for adjacent doors, pay attention to the internal color scheme of the room itself and the material used to make your door. With a classically designed decor of the room, for doors, the pens are also suitable for the classical colors that will not differ greatly in color from the material from which your door is made, except that we can talk about the colors. But in cases where your design is made in art style, then you can think about contrasts.

On the technical side, the choice of a door handle should be paid attention only to how much force you apply to move the lock tongue. With comfortable opening of the door, the angle of inclination of the door handle should not exceed 45 degrees when pressed. In this case, the handle should fall very smoothly and gently.

That’s basically all the subtleties of choosing handles for adjacent doors of your apartment, and everything else is a matter of your taste and design.

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