Stick vinyl wallpaper with your own hands

In residential premises, for decorative wall decoration, they use more often than other materials – wallpaper. They have an acceptable price for the buyer and a fairly long service life after the sticker. At the same time, you can choose the most diverse colors for the material with different stylistic or graphic patterns. Therefore, you can choose wallpapers that will be in harmony in style and color with the furniture and the overall interior of the room.

You can stick wallpaper only with the help of special wallpaper glue. You do not need special tools or equipment. If you need a rebar bending machine, then contact a large company that offers this product at a low price.

To start sticking vinyl wallpaper, you need to prepare the walls for work. Remove old wallpaper (or other old covering) and clean the walls of dirt and debris. Treat the surface with a primer. If the walls are not even, then first level them with putty, and then treat with a primer. Wallpaper cut according to the height of the room plus four centimeters. Since vinyl wallpaper is heavy, apply glue both to the back of the canvas and to the wall. Glue the wallpaper on top, gradually smoothing the canvas with a roller, and remove the air that forms between the wall and the finish with a construction butterfly.

The next canvas is glued to the joint with the previous one, while be sure to join the pattern of the picture, if it is available on the canvas. Make sure that the window is closed in the room so that there is no draft, as the draft will not allow the wallpaper to stick (the wallpaper will dry for about a day).

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