The most practical floor coverings

Since there are so many floor coverings available at the moment, there is no problem in choosing the option that would suit the particular owner best. You just need to understand how one type of coverage differs from others. Then you can make the right choice.

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The most expensive, presentable and durable type is parquet. This is the material that not only allows you to make the floor durable and aesthetic, but also speaks a lot about the taste of the owner and his financial capabilities. Only wealthy people can afford to lay parquet indoors.

An alternative to the parquet is a laminate. He is practical and beautiful. In addition, some classes of such a coating have incredibly high wear resistance, thanks to which you can get a very durable floor. There are many laminate options that differ in appearance and strength.

To this point, the most popular material for the installation of the floor remains linoleum. He is able to protect the base from moisture well, but this coating is defenseless in front of sharp objects. Therefore, you should not walk on stilettos on it. Otherwise, the traces will remain on linoleum.

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