The most common mistakes when installing skylights

The most common mistakes when installing skylights

Roof windows are products, correct functioning depends on quality installation. There are a number of the most common mistakes that are made when installing skylights and which it is desirable to avoid.

Damage to the cladding components or improper installation may result in window leakage and lack of protection of the wooden parts of the window and an unsightly appearance of the window.

Poor film coating on the inside of the window can affect the penetration of condensate under the film. Improper installation of roofing on the sealing flange can cause damage and prevent proper drainage of rainwater, which in turn can cause the window to leak.

Incorrectly attached angles during installation can lead to deformation and warping and a violation of the tightness of the window. Incorrect installation of windows due to incorrect fixing of special angles, for example, raising its upper part, can lead to deformation and disruption of the symmetrical placement of the roof window.

The most common mistakes when installing skylights

An incorrectly installed lower element of the sealing flange also affects the functioning of the window. The lead apron must be brought to the roofing, where it must be well formed, and also glued to the roofing with butyl tape. Such a laying of the flange may well be the cause of rainwater leakage under the roof. In addition, there are drilled holes for screws in the lower flange element. Both drilling and piercing of the individual components of the flange generally results in loss of window warranties.

Incorrect internal installation of a layer of insulation can lead to freezing of the window and, consequently, its leakage, as well as the destruction of wood.

Incorrect installation of the drainage gutter can lead to the fact that dripping of condensate from the roofing outside the window becomes simply impossible, which can lead to waterlogging of the insulating material around the windows.

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