What to wear with a denim shirt

Every season, modern fashion pleases its fans and admirers with new fashionable silhouettes and trends. This, of course, cannot but rejoice, just as it cannot but rejoice that there are things that never go out of fashion. For example, jeans or a denim shirt, which, with a certain skill, can be included not only in everyday, but also in any other image – business or even evening. What is the best combination with a denim shirt? Let’s answer this question in this article.

What to wear with a denim shirt

Of course, first of all, the simplest answer suggests itself – a denim shirt can be worn with trousers, and not only with models from the same fabric. So, for example, a light blue denim shirt will look good with beige trousers. Do not forget to wear a light top or T-shirt under such a shirt, and be sure to tie the ends of the shirt with a beautiful knot at the waist. In summer, such a set can be supplemented with brown sunglasses, a gold-tone bracelet and ballet flats, and in autumn and spring, light ankle boots will help you complete this look. It will be nice if you have a small beige bag in your hands.

A dark cornflower blue denim shirt can be a great addition to white trousers. You can complete this look with the help of the following accessories: blue earrings, a blue belt or blue shoes – for example, wedges or heels will fit perfectly here.

An elongated denim shirt that looks like a tunic looks great with a top and skinny leggings. Of course, this set can be recommended only to slender and young girls with a good figure and beautiful legs. In the case when your figure is far from ideal, such a set will only emphasize your extra pounds. On cool days, this outfit can be supplemented with a loose sweater, boots to match the sweater, and put on a sand-colored coat on top of this. Stylists advise to complete such an image with a beautiful and fashionable scarf now, and, preferably, a long one.

What to wear with a denim shirt

A denim shirt can be safely called a universal thing, as it can be combined not only with trousers, but also with skirts and even dresses. For example, a set consisting of a fitted denim shirt and a long floral sundress will look good on romantic girls. The combination of a denim shirt and a pleated skirt also looks interesting. As for shoes that would harmonize well with this outfit, there are options here – these can be light and beautiful sandals, fashionable sandals or shoes that match the color of the dress. It would be nice if you complement a similar set with a watch or a large bracelet. If you opted for a dress, then a youth clutch will go well with it. If you are wearing a pleated skirt, then it is advisable to choose a strict bag of medium size and a suitable shade for it.

A denim shirt also goes well with a bright half-sun skirt. You can complete this look with heeled shoes and a beautiful belt. In general, stylists recommend choosing bright accessories and a handbag for a skirt of this cut.

If you decide to combine a miniskirt with a denim shirt, then there are two options – you can put the shirt in a skirt or wear it over a skirt like a cardigan. But then, naturally, you should wear a beautiful and matching T-shirt or top under the shirt. If you plan to put your shirt in a skirt, then choose fitted models of denim shirts. Wide, loose-fitting shirts are not suitable for this.

What to wear with a denim shirt

To create a casual look based on a denim shirt, you may need shorts – in this set you may well go shopping, go to the movies or sit with your girlfriends in a cafe. Stylists advise wearing a light T-shirt or T-shirt under a denim shirt, and choose ballet flats or sandals that are now fashionable as shoes. Those who are not afraid to look fashionable can be advised to tuck their shirt into shorts and unbutton a few buttons on the shirt – such a casual look is popular all over the world. You can complement this look for every day with fashionable sunglasses or large bracelets.

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