What to wear with boots – dutiks

As soon as the cold weather sets in, women have to change their wardrobe and put the light sandals, shoes and slippers so beloved over the summer on shoe shelves. Instead of this shoe, another, warmer one comes – it can be ankle boots, boots or even dutiks, which have recently been worn not only by men, but also by women. Moreover, modern dutiks look very interesting and feminine – women’s dutiks now have a polyurethane sole and a textile upper. Outwardly, such a model of shoes looks as if they were inflated with air, which gave them such a name.

What to wear with boots – dutiks

Dutik as a heater have artificial or natural fur. Regular, classic dutiks have Velcro fasteners, with which you can adjust the width of the top. As a rule, lacing is used very rarely. In the manufacture of dutiks, manufacturers use water-repellent materials, so you can walk on water, slush or snow in such shoes. By the way, in dutiks you can not be afraid to fall on a slippery surface – the corrugated sole will not allow you to do this.

Dutiks, unlike many other models of shoes, do not require special care – in order for them to serve you faithfully for many years, it is enough to wipe them after each walk with a damp cloth.

And with what do stylists recommend wearing dutiks that are now fashionable? For an urban and stylish look, you can wear them with, for example, skinny jeans, a sweater and a loose cardigan. Of course, instead of jeans, you can wear other tight trousers, the main thing that you should not forget is that trousers should always be tucked into shoes. Only in this case you will look stylish and fashionable.

Dutiki go great with leggings or leggings and a knitted tunic that has been fashionable lately. To look more interesting and spectacular, you can throw a natural fur vest over the tunic.

What to wear with boots – dutiks

For representatives of the younger generation who have slender and beautiful legs, stylists recommend creating a set of a knitted dress, warm tight tights and dutik. To complete this look, you may need a large duffel bag and oversized jewelry that is now fashionable.

Another look that looks amazing on slender young girls consists of dutiks, tight-fitting trousers and a jacquard-patterned sleeveless jacket that is relevant in recent seasons.

If we talk about what models of outerwear are well combined with dutiks, then it should be said that you will not be mistaken if you combine such shoes with a leather jacket or a fur coat. This image will be incomplete if you do not complement it with a hat with earflaps, which is also experiencing its rebirth, and long gloves or a long scarf. Do not try to wear puffy shoes with classic coats or fur coats – these things are incompatible with each other.

For cool spring or autumn days and evenings, many fashion designers offer to make a set consisting of a stuffed vest, arcs and a spectacular turtleneck. An important role in this set is played by the color of its components – for example, you will look not only fashionable, but also stylish if you wear a white turtleneck and white duccas.

Recently, not only monophonic, but also color models of dutiks and dutiks with a pattern have appeared on the shelves of shoe stores. The latter can be recommended for adolescents or very young girls. So, for example, the hero of the well -known cartoon, an animal or graphic print can be depicted on dots. By the way, the sole can also be unusual – a carved sole, having colored inserts, looks very interesting. But, remember that no matter what model you choose, they do not combine at all with the clothes of a classic or business style.

What to wear with boots – dutiks

Youth models of dutiks can be not only colored, but also have various decor options. So, on sale you can find these insulated boots, decorated with embroidery, decorative metal elements, natural or artificial fur, or even embroidery.

By the way, which is also important, and what needs to be said – the cost of dutiks is not too high, so even a young student or a housewife with little material wealth can afford them.

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