What to wear with a silver dress

To say that in the wardrobe of every woman there is a silver dress, of course, we will not. After all, most likely it is not. But in the wardrobe of every fashionista who loves evening outings, there is probably such a dress. A dress in this color is almost perfect for the evening – it can come in handy for you in any situation. You can wear it on a romantic date to a restaurant, attend an evening show at the theater or attend as a guest at any other celebration.

What to wear with a silver dress

But how to choose and what to wear with a silver dress? With the choice of a silver dress, you need to be careful and adequately evaluate your figure. So, for example, a short tight dress made of fabric with silver shimmer is suitable only for girls with a perfect figure due to the fact that it will emphasize your figure and clearly demonstrate all the flaws, which is undesirable if there are any.

The situation is completely different with a wide flying dress, made, for example, from flying chiffon – it will also suit curvy ladies.Also, full women as an evening dress may well consider the multilayer model of the dress, in the manufacture of which, including silver fabric was used, including silver. But in order to look at such attracting the attention of the surrounding dress harmoniously, it is no less important to competently choose shoes and accessories for it.

When choosing a silver dress, do not forget that the outfit of this shade looks great only in artificial lighting. But under the sun’s rays, his beauty fades a little. Although, of course, if this does not scare you, you can put on such a dress and on the evening summer celebration.

It is worth remembering that a silver dress will look great on brown -haired, brunettes and girls with ashy hair color. Unfortunately, on blondes, such a shade looks worse – it can make their skin even paler. Although, if you are against bright makeup, you are blonde, and you have blue or green hair, then perhaps a silver dress is your option.

What to wear with a silver dress

Also, stylists are in a hurry to warn women who want to buy a silver dress for themselves that this color is a little heavy for perception. In this regard, you should not choose a silver-colored dress with long arms – it will be better if it is sleeveless, with a deep neckline, with thin straps or without them at all. In this version, it will not look hard.

A dress of such an interesting shade will certainly attract the attention of others even without accessories. But they will still need to be in this image, albeit in a minimal amount. Let it be silver jewelry – they will fit perfectly here. But it is not recommended to wear gold jewelry with such an outfit.

You also need to be careful in choosing makeup products, such as lipstick. So, bright red lipstick, especially in alliance with heavy and massive jewelry, will turn you into a cold and unpleasant vampire, which, of course, is undesirable.

The right shoes will help you complete your evening look. To achieve this goal, try wearing classic black pumps under a silver dress and take a small black purse or a black clutch in your hand. If you decide to use silver-colored shoes as shoes for such an extraordinary dress, then this is also quite acceptable from the point of view of modern fashion. Just let your shoes be at least one tone lighter or darker than your dress.

What to wear with a silver dress

As to whether sandals can be worn under a silver dress, stylists have not yet come to a consensus, so if you don’t like experimenting with your image, then choose a closed shoe model.

In the cold season, it is quite often necessary to complement a silver dress with some other, warmer thing, for example, a bolero or a thin cardigan. In this case, choose green-colored items – surprisingly, it is the emerald color and all shades of green that favorably emphasize all the beauty of silver-colored fabric.

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