What to wear with chandelier earrings

Evening fashion has a specific dress code. This dress code also applies to clothing, accessories, and jewelry. For festive events, you need to choose bright and stylish jewelry so that it complements a luxurious outfit, drawing attention to its owner.

With what&  wear chandelier earrings

For an evening out, chandelier earrings are most suitable. They are called so because of the abundance of complex curls, beautiful additions made of stones, rhinestones – this vaguely resembles decorative chandeliers, which sometimes amaze with their splendor. Although these earrings have another name – “chandeliers”.

What do chandelier earrings look like?

The main difference between this decoration is large size, complex weaving, an abundance of precious stones, shiny rhinestones. The appearance of the jewelry is always bright, the design is complex, the shape is elongated.

Chandelier earrings are made in the form of beautiful jewelry, which is sometimes indistinguishable from real jewelry, and in the form of luxury jewelry, which, of course, not every fashionista can afford. The first are made from glass beads, Swarovski crystals and various metal alloys, and therefore many can afford them. But luxury earrings are made of gold, silver, platinum and an abundance of precious stones. Such an ornament looks like a real work of art, but is there any point in giving a fortune for a trinket that you don’t vilify in everyday life??

In many fashion collections you can see long chandelier earrings, for example, Dolce&Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Etro, Ermanno Scervino, Alexis Bittar, Marchesa, Dannijo and others. Earrings can be oval or intricate geometric shapes, include all sorts of floral elements. In general, every fashionista will pick up a pair of earrings according to her taste and pocket.

What to wear with chandelier earrings

If you already have a pair of chandelier earrings, then you should find out how and with what to wear them correctly. To begin with, it is worth recalling that the purpose of this decoration is for special occasions. They are not suitable for a business meeting or office, and just walking around the streets in such luxury is generally dangerous.

With what&  wear chandelier earrings

You can combine long chandelier earrings with a discreet cocktail dress or a floor-length evening gown. It is better to raise your hair so that the jewelry is clearly visible. Additional jewelry is not needed – do not wear necklaces and pendants. Here, chandelier earrings will be a bright, central decoration of the evening look, so wearing bracelets and necklaces, there is a risk of overloading the evening dress with excessive shine. What girl wants to look like a Christmas tree?

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