What to wear with a sweatshirt

Sweatshirts have long ceased to be considered sportswear – nowadays girls in sweatshirts can be found in cafes and shops, parks and cinemas. Moreover, if earlier sweatshirts were mainly worn only by representatives of the younger generation, now this is a thing of the past – not only young ladies of athletic build wear sweatshirts, but also mature ladies whose figure is a little far from perfect. And the reason for this is simple – sweatshirts are so comfortable for walking on cool days that many of its adherents simply cannot find an alternative replacement for it. But sometimes, unfortunately, you can meet people who do not even think about the fact that even a sweatshirt must be bought and worn correctly. How to choose and wear a sweatshirt?

If you are firmly convinced that a sweatshirt is an ordinary sports jacket, then, apparently, you have not been to stores selling sweatshirts for a long time. For a long time, manufacturers have begun to produce sweatshirts decorated with embroidery, sequins, rhinestones and even fur, which allows ladies to look very feminine and attractive in such models.

On sale you can find several types of sweatshirts. Sports sweatshirt is a regular jacket with a front fasting – usually a sweatshirt is fastened with a zipper. Such a model is increasingly made of fleece, which preserves heat well, and yet more intended for sports or, for example, walks with a dog. In addition, the price of such a model is relatively low.

The second type of sweatshirt is Hoody. This model has a wide gate and an elongated shape, which allows you to wear it as a semi -wrapper. Moreover, a wide collar can be used as a scarf. Sweat-Huddy also has wide and large pockets in which you can warm your hands in case of bad weather.

The third version of the sweatshirt, which is radically different from the other two in that it is worn over the head, is called the sweatshirt. As a rule, this sweatshirt model has many pockets and is often decorated with various applications. There is only one thing that unites all types of sweatshirts – as a rule, all models of sweatshirts have a hood.

Naturally, each type of sweatshirt is designed for specific purposes. If you need a sweatshirt for long evening walks or sports, then, without a doubt, you should choose the first option. Hoodies and sweatshirts are more suitable for fans of urban style – they can go to the movies or cafes, walk around the city or visit an educational institution.

Most women are firmly convinced that only sweatpants or jeans can be worn with sweatshirts. We hasten to dissuade you – not everything is so boring. Modern fashion offers ladies, for example, to combine a sweatshirt and a denim miniskirt in one ensemble – this option looks great on slender young girls. From shoes to such a set, it is worth wearing summer boots or even sandals. Your look will look more feminine if your sweatshirt is decorated with rhinestones or bright appliqué – you can even go on a date in this outfit.

To go to a party or a disco, you can wear colored jeans instead of a skirt – they can be white, red, yellow or even green – in such an ensemble you will definitely not go unnoticed.

Short sweatshirts that do not have a hood are perfectly combined with long floor-length skirts that are currently relevant. Stylists recommend complementing this set with high-heeled ankle boots. But, of course, for this ensemble, you should not choose a sports-style sweatshirt, otherwise you will look ridiculous.

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