What to wear boots with

Felt boots, which, it would seem, were forgotten forever, suddenly, quite unexpectedly for fashionistas, first appeared in the collections of famous clothing designers, and then on the streets of modern cities. Naturally, modern felt boots are not at all similar in design to their predecessors – now on sale you can find felt boots for every taste and color. If this fashionable pair of shoes is not yet in your winter wardrobe, then before you go shopping for it, check out this article, from which you will learn how to choose the right one and what is better to wear modern felt boots with.

First of all, boots, like any other footwear, should be comfortable for your feet, so most likely you will have to try on several pairs of these shoes before you find the right model for you. Moreover, on the shelves of stores you will surely see a variety of boots – they can be with rubberized soles or with galoshes, with a small heel or wedge, with a flat or round sole. Which model will be more comfortable for you, you can find out only when trying on, that is, as they say, empirically.

Modern boots, unlike boots of past years, have a wide range of colors. So you can choose felt boots that match the color of your outerwear, or those that will be combined with your accessories – a handbag, a hat or a scarf. If you prefer boots in traditional colors – gray, black or white, then you can easily get yourself a model that, by the way, will be easier for you to combine with other things in your wardrobe.

Fashionistas, of course, will like boots models, decorated, for example, with appliqué, embroidery, rhinestones, feathers and even natural fur. Decorated felt boots will perfectly fit into a festive outfit, and, moreover, they will not only decorate your legs, but also warm them, which is important in winter frosts.

When choosing boots, remember that they usually shrink a little when worn. Given this circumstance, purchase boots one or even two sizes larger.

Felt boots that are made by hand are usually of better quality than machine-made felt boots. When buying felt boots, look inside them – they must be smooth, and the sole must not have defects.

When choosing felt boots, it will not be superfluous to smell them – if they have an unpleasant smell, then it is better to refuse to buy such a pair – this means that the wool for their manufacture has not undergone the necessary processing. In addition, the smell of boots does not disappear even when worn.

And now, when you already know by what criteria to choose felt boots, it will not be superfluous to talk about what is better to wear them with. If you want to look stylish, then it is advisable to wear a down jacket, a sheepskin coat or a short sheepskin coat from outerwear with felt boots, and it is desirable that the color of your shoes does not contrast strongly with the colors of your outerwear.

Considering that felt boots are a winter version of shoes, they can make a great pair with a warm knit sweater and skinny jeans. This ensemble will look great if your felt boots are decorated with bright prints, embroidery or sequins.

But to combine an evening dress with felt boots is quite difficult. Therefore, if you still decide to do this, then in order to smooth out the contrast between rough shoes and a sophisticated dress, put on warm, fashionable winter tights that match the color and texture of both your outfit and your shoes.

It will be nice if you finish your ensemble with felt boots and a dress with a handbag with fur trim – such a handbag model is perfect for such shoes.

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