How to wear corduroy pants

Corduroy pants can be safely called an indispensable thing for those women who love comfort, warmth and beauty. Oddly enough, but corduroy trousers miraculously combine these three qualities at once. Now such trousers can be appropriate in many situations, but it was not always so. If you briefly plunge into the history of the appearance of corduroy trousers, it turns out that initially they were made only as work clothes for those who are forced to work on the street in any weather. Such trousers were then highly valued, not only for their heat-saving properties, but also for their practicality and wear resistance.

How to wear corduroy pants

At first, corduroy trousers could only be seen in the male version, but then, gradually, corduroy trousers also moved into the women’s wardrobe. Nowadays, corduroy trousers, if they are not the trend of the season, but, nevertheless, are not forgotten by fashion designers – in almost every of their collections there is at least one pair of corduroy trousers. Yes, and women do not refuse such a practical and comfortable model – for sure, in the wardrobe of every woman there is at least one model of trousers sewn from this material.

Corduroy pants are not formal or business style, so you should not attend a business meeting or go to a gala event in them. Although exceptions are possible here – if your meeting is semi-formal, then you can come to it in corduroy trousers in combination with a business jacket and a strict blouse or shirt.

Corduroy trousers go great with many items of women’s outerwear – you can wear them with warm cardigans, jackets, coats, down jackets and demi-season jackets.

On the shelves of modern women’s clothing stores, you can find a wide variety of velveteen trousers in style and style – these can be loose and narrowed models, with low and high waists, and with various decorative elements. But when choosing corduroy trousers, you don’t have to worry too much about how they will fit into your wardrobe – such trousers can be called universal.

How to wear corduroy pants

To create a strict look, stylists recommend combining velveteen trousers with a business plain shirt or blouse. To make your look more formal, complement your outfit with a matching jacket or blazer. To create a business ensemble, stylists recommend giving preference to models of trousers in calm and neutral colors – gray, beige, brown, sand or dark blue. Brighter, more saturated colors of trousers will make your look casual – don’t forget about it.

It’s easy to create a casual look with corduroy trousers. Feel free to combine elongated cardigans, warm sweaters, tight-fitting turtlenecks, informal blouses and loose-fitting shirts with them. If you decide to choose a top for corduroy trousers, then remember that in this case it is desirable that it be made of lightweight material with a smooth texture. In a casual set, the color of the top can either match the color of the trousers or contrast with it.

When choosing a pair for corduroy trousers, one should never forget that corduroy is a massive and thick fabric that looks good only with similar thick fabrics. Therefore, you do not need to wear trousers made of this material, for example, blouses made of satin and silk. Also, stylists do not recommend combining velveteen trousers and velvet products in one set – in this case, you will get an overload of your image. Knitwear is considered ideal for corduroy.

How to wear corduroy pants

If we talk about shoes, it will be nice if you wear boots or boots made of genuine leather or suede with corduroy trousers. As a rule, corduroy trousers are not worn in hot summer, so we are not even talking about sandals. Although on a cool summer evening, you may well complement your look, which includes corduroy trousers, with classic pumps with a small heel.

As an accessory to corduroy trousers, a leather belt with a metal buckle is perfect – it will emphasize your slimness and add rigor to your look. It is desirable that the color of the belt matches the color of the velvet fabric.

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