What to wear with polka dots

Recently, things with polka dots have returned to the catwalks and wardrobes of modern fashionistas. But, when purchasing things with this fashionable print, many of the fair sex do not think that things with such a pattern must be able to be worn correctly and combined correctly with other things in the women’s wardrobe. About how it is necessary to wear things with polka dots to emphasize all the charms of your figure, and what is better to combine pea print with, and will be discussed in this article.

What to wear with polka dots

When buying things with polka dots, girls and women need to understand that this print will increase you. Therefore, it is advisable to wear polka dots on those parts of your body that lack additional volume. In addition, it should be understood that a lot depends on the size of the pattern – if the peas are very small, then even overly lush ladies can wear them fearlessly. But with large peas you should be more careful – visually it will fill you up.

For girls with thin legs and narrow hips, a skirt with large polka dots of any shape will help to add volume in these places – it can be either a straight or a trapezoid model.

If you’re not satisfied with your bust size, try wearing a polka dot blouse with a high-waisted pencil skirt.

Women with a disproportionate figure should also pay attention to things with polka dots. They, moreover, it is desirable that the polka dots be on a light background, should be worn on a smaller part of the body, and a dark monophonic thing should be worn on the remaining large part.

Those girls whom nature has endowed with thin hands should not worry – it is advisable for them to have in their wardrobe blouses with polka-dot fabric sleeves gathered at the cuffs. Modern fashion admits that it can be a translucent fabric, such as chiffon. By the way, it is not at all forbidden to wear a vest, sleeveless jacket or even a plain sheath dress over a blouse.

Well, now let’s take a closer look at what prints are best to combine things with polka dots.

What to wear with polka dots

Of course, polka dots are a bright and self-sufficient pattern in itself, which means that it will be in perfect harmony with plain things. In addition, as many connoisseurs of fashion trends are probably well aware, the combination of several patterns in one ensemble is considered bad form. However, many designers have great success in combining different patterns in one outfit, so if you are not afraid of experiments, then you can afford to go that route too.

But, as stylists advise, even very brave girls should not try to combine more than two prints in one look – such a task is sometimes beyond the power of even professional designers. When trying to combine two different patterns, try to separate them from each other with a matching solid color accessory. For example, if you decide to wear a striped top with a polka dot skirt, then do not forget to finish this ensemble with a solid color belt.

Lovers of experiments in clothes can be advised to try to make an ensemble of things in peas and things with a floral print – as a rule, it looks very stylish and bright. But things made from fabric with an animal pattern do not combine with peas at all.

Recently, in clothing stores, it is quite common to find tops, T-shirts or T-shirts with polka dots, on which there is another image. Most often on such a background there are images of cartoon characters.

Bold representatives of the fair sex can also afford to combine a thing in peas with a thing that has another dim drawing in one ensemble. For example, a polka dot blouse may well make up a couple of trousers in a thin, barely visible strip.

What to wear things with peas

Combining two or more things in peas in one image is strictly not recommended. The only thing that is permissible is, for example, a combination of a peas with a cervical handkerchief with the same print. Moreover, the color scheme of these things should not be the same at all.

The pea print in our time is found not only in clothes, but also in accessories – handbags, shoes, belts, rims, bracelets, neck scarves. Such fashion accessories can turn the usual everyday image into romantic and mysterious, so do not refuse them at any time of the year.

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