What to wear a bell skirt with

Surely in the wardrobe of almost every modern woman there is a skirt bell. But the attitude towards skirts of this style among modern ladies is still ambiguous – some of the fair sex love to wear a bell skirt and often include it in their wardrobe, while others, on the contrary, remember it only a few times a year on vacation. But, nevertheless, modern fashion dictates its own laws, according to which lush and feminine skirts, which, of course, include the bell skirt, are still relevant. Therefore, it makes sense to talk about what is best to combine the skirt bell. This article will be devoted to the answer to this question.

What to wear a bell skirt with

The bell skirt is suitable for almost all women, which allows you to recommend it to ladies of different ages and complexes. Light, tender and airy – such a skirt gives each girl and woman cheerfulness and charm. Most often, skirts of this style are worn in the summer period of time, although sometimes on the catwalks of modern designers you can see models of such skirts made of thick fabrics.

Modern industry does not lag behind new fashion directions – in women’s clothing stores, the assortment of such skirts is huge. You can always buy for yourself bell skirts of various lengths, styles, colors and with different decor. Moreover, in a bell skirt you can not only relax – modern manufacturers also offer us classic strict skirts of this style to create a business image.

But with what is it better to combine a bell skirt?? One of the main features of this skirt is that, to the delight of all women, it can be worn with almost any item from the women’s wardrobe. But, nevertheless, this issue has its own little tricks and nuances.

To create a business style, experts recommend wearing a bell skirt with classic blouses, jumpers and regular tops without bright prints. This option can be considered optimal for a business lady suit. Also, such women can afford to combine such a skirt with a cropped jacket or blazer. This ensemble, on the one hand, will look easy and relaxed, and on the other hand, it will fit well into a strict office style. In addition, in it you will look much more feminine than in the usual suit for everyone, consisting of a classic blouse and a strict pencil skirt.

What to wear with a bell skirt

To create a casual style, the bell skirt fits perfectly. Do not be afraid to combine a bell skirt and a casual top in one ensemble, and you will get a romantic ensemble in which you can go not only to meet friends, but also to study, to the cinema or to a cafe.

When choosing a top for a bell skirt, do not forget that you should not pick up wide jumpers or, for example, blouses with batwing sleeves for the extended silhouette of the skirt, otherwise your figure will look very voluminous. A skirt of this style is recommended to be worn with fitted blouses, tops, turtlenecks or jumpers. In addition to being stylistically correct, it will also help you emphasize your feminine figure and give you charm. If mother nature has not endowed you with a thin waist, then do not despair and think that the bell skirt is not for you. In this case, it is better to combine it with slightly fitted blouses and short fitted jackets.

In order for your ensemble, which includes the bell skirt, looks stylish and harmonious, it is no less important to choose the right shoes for it.

What to wear a bell skirt with

Many stylists advise combining a skirt of this style with high -heeled shoes or high platform. Of course, this combination will look great. But this is possible only if the happy owner of the skirt bell has low growth. Such advice is unlikely to suit girls of high stature – they can most likely recommend this model of a skirt with conventional vietnamese. In addition, moving in such shoes is much easier than in high -heeled shoes, which is also important for modern ladies.

But, unfortunately, the skirt has one drawback, which should not be forgotten by women who have too full hips. It is advisable for these women to choose such a skirt more carefully – for example, curvy ladies are categorically not recommended to wear a short bell skirt. It is advisable for them to give preference to models that have a knee length.

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