What to wear with a sun skirt

Recently, judging by the collections of famous women’s clothing designers, romance and femininity have returned to fashion. More and more often, fashion designers create collections in which they offer ladies to wear dresses, blouses and skirts, that is, everything that makes the female image attractive and tender. And among the whole variety of skirts, which today are widely represented not only in the collections of designers, but also on store shelves, there is still a well-known sun skirt that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers loved and wore.

How to choose and what to wear with a sun skirt

The popularity of the skirt of this style is easily explained – it gives any woman charm and charm. In addition, due to its cut, the sun skirt looks equally good both on girls with a model figure and on women who have a certain amount of extra pounds. But, when purchasing a sun skirt, every woman should still know some of the nuances – how to correctly choose this skirt and what it is desirable to wear it with, and this article will be discussed.

The sun skirt has a very simple cut – it’s just a circle of fabric with a cutout for the waist. But this does not prevent her from sitting perfectly on almost any figure and being a bright accent in any outfit. Accordingly, each representative of the fair sex should remember that the top for such a skirt should be concise and restrained. And, importantly, the blouse or blouse with which you decide to wear a sun skirt should also not be wide, otherwise your figure will simply become dimensionless.

Fishnet things go well with a skirt of a similar cut – for example, you will create a romantic and delicate look if you wear a sun skirt with a lace blouse or a thin turtleneck. It’s not scary if your blouse has ruffles – in combination with this skirt, this will not be considered excess, and, moreover, will add coquetry to you.

Also, stylists advise to combine a sun skirt with a lace or chiffon top. But, of course, this advice is good only for warm summer days – in winter, such a skirt harmonizes well with laconic and plain turtlenecks.

How to choose and what to wear with a sun skirt

Girls and women who love a free and sporty style of clothing sometimes make the same, unforgivable from the point of view of stylists, mistake – they try to combine a feminine sun skirt with sports t-shirts or even t-shirts. Naturally, you should not do this – such a top looks good only with sports trousers or skirts.

When choosing shoes for the sun skirt you have, you should proceed from its length. If your skirt is short, then only shoes with heels will fit it. Moreover, what is important for your image to remain feminine, you only need shoes with thin heels. Of course, you can give preference to wedge shoes, but in this case, and this must be borne in mind, the wedge will make your look massive and mundane, which is not always beautiful.

For evening skirts, the sun, having a floor length, fit almost any shoe. But, of course, this does not mean that you can wear sneakers or slates under such a skirt. Under a summer skirt, you can easily afford to wear Greek-style sandals or ordinary slippers. Stylists advise wearing a winter long sun skirt, made of thick and warm fabric, with high boots with a flat sole.

How to choose and what to wear with a sun skirt

And now let’s talk a little about how to choose the right sun skirt. Especially, and this is understandable, this issue is of interest to women with magnificent forms, who mistakenly believe that feminine sun skirts are not for them. But this is not at all true – overweight women can also afford to add this skirt to their wardrobe if they correctly select the fabric and pattern of the skirt. Moreover, lush women should correctly select the level of the beginning of the flare. To visually reduce the volume of your hips, you need to buy a skirt model with a low flared line, and in your case it is advisable to choose a long sun skirt.

Girls of a slender physique can buy a flared skirt of any length and flared level – such a skirt will always look great on model girls and ladies. The splendor of this skirt will help such girls make their hips visually fuller, which will make their figure more feminine, charming and beautiful.

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