What to wear with a suede jacket

With the approach of cold weather, each representative of the beautiful half of humanity thinks about choosing outerwear. Of course, every girl wants to have in her wardrobe a raincoat, a jacket, an expensive coat, and a fur coat. But in life, such a variety of things is not always available, so many women are forced to look for a universal version of outerwear suitable for any weather and any occasion. And, as a rule, most girls opt for leather or suede jackets. And this is no coincidence – the suede jacket goes well with most things from the women’s wardrobe and is perfect both for walking with friends and for work.

With what to wear a suede jacket

But in order for the suede jacket to sit well on its owner, the latter needs to know how to choose the right and what is best to wear this outerwear. Let’s dwell on these moments in more detail.

First of all, let’s talk about the features of choosing a suede jacket. So that your jacket sits well on your mistress, remember the following:

Do not choose too long and too thick a model of suede jacket – in it your feminine figure will look shapeless. After all, it is no secret that suede is a rather heavy material.

It will be better if when choosing you will prefer a suede jacket decorated with fur – the fur always beautifully frames the face and distracts the attention of others from the shortcomings of the female figure, if any.

When choosing a suede jacket, be careful with the color – a red or brown model will visually add age to you, especially if you purchase a spacious jacket.

The blue suede jacket, unfortunately, has the ability to fade, so choose a model in a darker color than you would like – after a season, the color of your jacket will approach the shade you want.

What to wear with a suede jacket

And now let’s move on to the question of what to combine with a suede jacket. There are no strict rules in this matter, since such a model of outerwear looks good with many items of women’s wardrobe. Some women mistakenly believe that suede shoes are a must for a suede jacket, but this is an erroneous opinion. The only advice that it is advisable not to forget about all the happy owners of suede jackets – do not combine a product made of this material with velor or velvet, otherwise you will look clumsy.

If you are not averse to trying on the image of an adventurer, then we advise you to wear a beige, brown or red suede jacket, pipe trousers with stripes on the sides, and the so-called cowboy boots. You can finish such an original look with a suitable hat with patterned brim.

For those women who prefer the look of the 80s of the last century, stylists recommend making a set of a suede leather jacket, a dress with a floral pattern and suede ankle boots.

Girls who love rigor in clothes will surely like the following set – a sheath dress with a knee length, a suede jacket with a strict cut and finish and high suede boots.

To create a sophisticated look, you will need a fashionable dress or a stylish knee-length skirt, tights or leggings, high suede boots and, of course, a suede jacket. The skirts in this set can be any – they can be made of leather, velveteen or denim, since modern fashion allows this.

If you want to get a business ensemble, then replace the skirt or dress with classic trousers in the previous version – and your goal will be achieved.

With what to wear a suede jacket

Girls or ladies who prefer to spend their weekend in nature, stylists recommend combining a suede jacket with a shirt having a gate-pool, sweater and denim trousers. Such an ensemble can be called practical and beautiful at the same time.

So that the suede jacket you have chosen served for a long time, you need to care. It should only be stored in a dry and cool place, and it should be well ventilated. It is not worth cleaning a suede jacket in a plastic bag, otherwise mold and moisture may appear on the jacket. So that the jacket does not fade, do not hang it next to light sources.

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