What to wear with green pants

Modern fashion is not afraid to go forward. And this is wonderful, because it thereby gives the opportunity for self-expression to the fair sex. So, for example, if only the most daring girls used to wear colored trousers, now such trousers can be seen on girls and ladies of all ages quite often.

What to wear with green pants

For example, recently green trousers have come into fashion, which allow their owners to get away from everyday life, add something bright to their lives and at the same time show the beauty of their legs. But all the happy owners of green trousers should still remember that green trousers require a competent selection for them the top, shoes and accessories. In this regard, it makes sense to devote a separate article to answering this question. So, let’s talk about what you can wear green pants with.

But first, it’s worth saying a few words about the fact that in order to compose a fashionable and stylish ensemble with green trousers, you must also take into account their style and even the material from which they are made.

What colors go best with green?? If we answer this question, then it will be easier for us to make sets with trousers of this color.

Green is the natural color of nature, and it follows that it will harmonize well with other natural and natural shades.

But, of course, no one can prevent you from combining green and, for example, red in one ensemble. By the way, this combination looks very relevant now, so do not be afraid to be misunderstood. But at the same time, remember that in order not to look too colorful, you need to select shades of green and red correctly. They should not be too bright and saturated – it will be better if the green and red are a little muted. For example, for such a combination, khaki, swamp, dark olive and coniferous colors are a good fit. And it is better to combine it with wine, coral and burgundy shades.

What to wear with green pants

Romantic natures who cannot imagine their costume without pink should not be upset either – the green color harmonizes very well with pink shades. But the main thing that you should not forget about when choosing a pink top for green trousers is that pink in this case should be with an ashy tint. Only then will the color combination be harmonious.

Although there is an exception to this rule. If you, suppose, decided to go to a night club or at a disco, then no one can forbid you to combine a green saturated shade with a bright pink top or a T-shirt in one set.

Many modern stylists relate well and even recommend wearing green trousers with blue. These shades are also well combined and, moreover, are suitable for many cases. But try to avoid too dark shades of blue in such combinations – they will visually add to you for several years. If this is not included in your plans, then give preference to the top in light turquoise, azure or blue tones.

Lovers of intrigue in clothes and in the image modern fashion offers to wear green trousers with a violet top – such an ensemble from the side can be called mysterious. Moreover, there are no restrictions here – your purple can be both deep and saturated, and bright and tender. For example, a bright lilac top is perfect for green trousers.

The combination of green trousers with a red -haired top also looks very good and organic – this is due to the fact that such a combination of colors is often found in nature.

If you really love green, and green pants are your conscious choice, then you can also be advised to make monochrome sets. They are good because they fit well in any situation, do not look beaten and give the female image freshness and elegance.

What to wear with green pants

And, finally, it is worth mentioning that modern fashion does not at all cancel the classic top colors for green trousers that are familiar to every woman – white and black. Such combinations are good not only as a casual look – a suit consisting of green trousers and a white or black blouse of a strict cut can be used as a business suit.

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