What to wear with a pleated skirt

Recently, the pleated skirt, which was once popular among our grandmothers, has again become an actual and fashionable trend. Many fashion designers have included a pleated skirt in their collections and offer all the fair sex to indulge in pleasure and also include such a skirt in their wardrobe. A floor-length pleated skirt is now considered very fashionable, which looks feminine and romantic. Of course, short pleated skirts can also be present in your wardrobe, because they are no less relevant than their long counterparts. But so that the pleated skirt does not visually add age to you and makes up a single ensemble with your things, every woman needs to know how to choose the right one and what is more convenient to wear a pleated skirt with.

It is best to buy a pleated skirt made from flowing, airy fabrics: chiffon, silk or crepe. For cold winter days, you can buy a woolen pleated skirt, but this model, as a rule, looks better on slender girls than on full ladies. They also should not purchase models of such skirts sewn from plaid fabrics – they will only add extra pounds to their owners.

If we talk about the color schemes of pleated skirts, then there are almost no restrictions – choose what you like. Of course, a skirt made of dark fabric is more suitable for creating a classic or business look, and bright models made of neon-colored fabrics will appeal to young fashionistas.

What is better to combine a pleated skirt? If you believe the stylists, then this skirt model implies a voluminous top. So, for example, a warm cardigan, a knitted sweater, a wide blouse or a straight coat will create a single and integral ensemble with a pleated skirt. But when picking up the top, you should remember that the length of your sweater or cardigan should be up to the waist. In the case when a long thing is selected as a top for a pleated skirt, then the waist must be emphasized with a thin belt that is now fashionable so as not to disturb the proportionality of your figure.

The fabrics from which the items that make up the ensemble with a pleated skirt can be sewn may be different. Items made of denim, satin, knitwear, leather or even fur are acceptable. You can use accessories in the ensemble, but it is desirable that there are not too many of them, and they are not too large. Otherwise, your image will look overloaded.

For girls and women who prefer a sporty style in clothes, modern fashion designers offer to combine a short pleated skirt with a parka – it will look fashionable and fresh.

If you find it difficult to choose the top to your pleated skirt, then put on a turtleneck suitable for it in color – this will be a win -win option.

For a business look, stylists advise combining a soft-colored pleated skirt with a light-colored blouse and jacket. Moreover, it will be better if you tuck your blouse into a skirt.

To create a casual look, change the blouse for a top and put on a short leather jacket on top.

You will get an elegant and romantic look if you wear a cozy knitted sweater with a pleated skirt, and emphasize your waist with an elegant belt.

And finally, for an evening trip to a restaurant with a pleated skirt, it is best to wear a bright corset decorated with rhinestones. Or, as an option, choose a light openwork top for a pleated skirt in a delicate pastel color – this way you will create a sophisticated and feminine look and will certainly catch admiring male glances.

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