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If you get acquainted with the history of the appearance of such outerwear as a poncho, then every fashionista will learn a lot of interesting things – it turns out that initially the poncho was the outerwear of Latin Americans, and it was even considered the traditional clothing of the indigenous people of this country. And today the poncho did not give up their positions – the inhabitants of South America are happy to wear this type of outerwear, and not only on weekdays, but also on holidays. And the collections of modern fashion designers once again prove to everyone the fact that a poncho-style coat cannot be considered the national clothes of Americans – it is preferred by fashionistas all over the world, including women of our country. But, unfortunately, many of them know little about how to choose the right one and what is better to wear a poncho with. So, let’s look into this issue and give women some recommendations.

First of all, it is impossible not to note the convenience of this type of outerwear, which undoubtedly attracts the eyes of modern and always busy women to it. So it is – the word “poncho” in translation means “lazy” – it quickly puts on and quickly takes off.

Another undoubted advantage of the poncho is its ability to amazingly hide all the significant flaws of the female figure. Therefore, this type of outerwear can be safely recommended to both girls with a model figure and ladies with impressive virtues.

The poncho assortment in stores is now so wide that you can choose them for any season – you can see on the hangers of fashionable boutiques of the poncho model with or without sleeves, with patch pockets, with fur trim or genuine skin. This allows you to choose a poncho for any style of your wardrobe.

The happy owners of this fashionable outerwear should be known that in your wardrobe, Poncho should always be in the spotlight. Based on this, do not try to combine it, for example, with extravagant and bright boots – remember that the poncho must be in the foreground.

Wearing a poncho requires his owner of accurate selection by color and texture of other things of her wardrobe and even accessories. Fashionable clothing designers, of course, allow the possibility of an experiment in this matter, but this is allowed only to young people who have a good sense of style. Otherwise, your outfit will look heavy and “overloaded”.

For those who wear ponchos, stylists give one more piece of advice – all the things in your wardrobe that make up a single ensemble with a poncho should not be voluminous. And what can be combined with a poncho? With this type of clothing, you can wear almost everything: a short and tight skirt, tight trousers, tight leggings. But the main thing is that it does not add unnecessary volume to you.

If you decide to expand your wardrobe and buy yourself a poncho, then you will have to forget about large, bright and large accessories – they practically cannot be combined with a poncho. Even the headdress, if you are wearing a poncho, should be small and not too bright. Small funny hats or small and fashionable berets look good with ponchos.

Unlike other clothing models, a poncho requires its owner to observe a certain style even in her hair. If you’re wearing a poncho, you can go for loose and flowing curls or straight and slicked back locks. When wearing a poncho, young girls, to complete the image, stylists and designers recommend braiding the brackets again that became relevant or the so-called French braids-such a hairstyle will add lightness, playfulness and female coquetry to their image.

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