Children’s competitions in Kharkov in honor of Vyshyvanka Day

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Kharkiv region news reports that sports competitions were held in Balakliya on the basis of a children’s sports school. The competitions held on May 13 were timed to coincide with the holiday – Vyshyvanka Day. True, the date of the celebration of this holiday is actually May 18th.

The number of children who took part in the competition reached 42 people. All children come directly from Balakliya and Borshchevka. The number of teams was 6: three teams of girls and the same number of boys.

During the competition, both participants and spectators received a lot of positive emotions. The relay was fun, emotional, friendly. Among girls, the leading position is occupied by Zoriana, among boys, a team with a wonderful name Patriot

Each of the participants of the competition received a diploma in memory of this event.

Other news

Among the interesting Kharkiv news are the following events:

  1. Residents of Balakleya presented an original gift to the Kharkov coffee house called Pilgrim. The institution was given a strong camouflage net, on which a large inscription “BALAKLEYA” flaunts.
  2. In the Balakliysky district, a ban on agricultural work in certain territories came into force. All prohibitions are established solely for the protection of citizens. Therefore, it remains only to be patient and in no case try to violate the ban.
  3. On the territory of Balakleya, information is being collected on the financial support of immigrants under the charity program.
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