How to wear women’s Cossack boots

Cossack boots, which have been popular with women of all ages for several years, most likely will not go out of fashion for a long time. This can be explained by several reasons at once – this type of footwear is very practical, comfortable and easy to wear, and the variety of models cannot but please the fair sex. But, unfortunately, far from all women have information about what Cossack boots are best combined with. If you are one of them, then this article will most likely help you, because in it we will just talk about what women’s Cossack boots should be worn with.

How to wear women’s Cossack boots

But, before talking about specific things that are in harmony with this shoe, a few words should be said about what boots with such an interesting name are. Such models of boots were called Cossacks for a reason, but because of their similarity with the boots of the former Cossacks. A distinctive feature of the Cossack boots is a sharp toe, a beveled heel, a wide and high top. Also a mandatory attribute of such boots for women are decorations in the form of belts, rivets or chains.

Further, it should be said that Cossack boots are probably not worth buying for those girls and ladies who prefer a sporty or classic style of clothing – such boots do not fit these styles at all, so your purchase will remain unclaimed.

Stylists advise having Cossack boots in their wardrobe for those women who love completely different styles of clothing – for example, casual, western, country, cowboy, biker or rocker style. This shoe model is usually designed for the cool weather of the off-season – autumn and spring. Modern fashion allows you to wear them not only on country walks or on vacation, but also in the city itself.

So what should Cossack boots be worn with?? First of all, these shoes go great with denim – you can wear skinny jeans, denim skirts, denim overalls, vests and shirts with them. For such a set, you just have to choose a T-shirt or T-shirt that suits the style and color scheme. If you like to wear skinny jeans, then Cossack boots are recommended to be worn over, and if your trousers are wide or straight, then Cossack boots can be worn under trousers – this is quite acceptable.

How to wear women’s Cossack boots

In order to create a country style look, you will need a light dress, which can be sewn from chiffon or jersey. It must certainly have ruffles, frills or a print in the form of flowers. Also, such a dress can be made of plaid fabric. It will be better if you add to your image not only Cossack boots, but also any knitted items – it can be a scarf, cardigan, beret, leggings or a hat.

If you prefer a cowboy style or a western look, then in this case you will need to complement the Cossack boots with a short leather vest, a checkered shirt and a light long skirt. Complete your country girl or cowboy look with the right accessories – strap bracelets, leather belts, a matching neckerchief or hat and, of course, a fringed bag.

To create the next image – a biker or rocker, you will need to purchase a model of boots that has metal rivets. The same decor should be on your outerwear – usually in this look a leather jacket acts as outerwear. In order to look like a real biker or rocker, you will also need the following items and accessories – shirts or t-shirts, neckerchiefs and a bag in the form of a backpack. Moreover, do not forget that your things in this case should be mostly dark and even black.

How to wear women’s Cossack boots

In recent seasons, shortened models of women’s Cossack boots have come into fashion, which immediately found their fans. This shoe model looks more feminine than high Cossack boots, so stylists recommend wearing them not only with trousers or jeans, but also with flared or light skirts. It is also worth noting that short Cossack boots look good with elongated cardigans and short shorts, especially nature has endowed you with a good figure and long, slender legs.

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