Modern Florida Home Design Ideas

Picture Frame House, literally from English Photo Frame House, is a rather strange name for a house, you say, but it appeared for a reason, look at the facade of this house, doesn’t it remind you of anything?

Precisely, it is precisely this that looks like a series of photo frames, they seem to have merged into the architecture of the house, and floor-to-ceiling windows complement this picture. In general, the concept of the house was conceived as a representation of the international style in a modern residence. But it would be unwise not to take advantage of the panoramic view of the city of Sarasota and the Gulf of Mexico. Thus, the central attention in this house is given to the patio, which combines both indoor and outdoor areas.

Moreover, this patio is located in the middle of the house, i.e. in its center, and around it is a house, its front part with a garage and a guest house connects to the main part of the house, which is located a little further. The layout of the house is also unusual, it has the reverse order. Bedrooms and rooms are on the first floor. The master bedroom, living room and kitchen are located on the second floor. On the roof there is a lawn and wooden decking, allowing homeowners to enjoy a good view of the surroundings.

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