Thermal insulation and soundproofing of metal doors

Metal doors have always been popular and widespread, the present time is no exception. Even if you have chosen a good, expensive, high-quality and reliable door, sometimes it happens that the canvas does not protect very well from extraneous noise, the same drafts and hum. In this case, you will have to insulate the door on your own. Or you must discuss in advance with the company that will manufacture your door that all points, including its insulation, must be strictly observed. In order for the door to have good thermal insulation properties, a heater is placed inside the canvas in bulk, it is sold in a store. Usually it is mineral wool or basalt. They well remove the problem of excess noise and cold.

In addition to these two watts, you can fill in the cracks and insulate the door with polyurethane foam. The door will become thicker, the boom will not be heard, as well as other noises. If you take a cheap or Chinese-made door, then they are insulated with just foam or plywood. It is unlikely that a normal person will be satisfied with such techniques, even theoretically these types of heaters should not be considered. You can trim the door and panels – plastic; laminate, even solid wood.

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