Updated design for multi-level homes

In most cases, designers, in order to give energy and liveliness to the entire modern interior, which was originally decorated in pastel colors, practice the use of bright color accents. Israeli designers decided to slightly change the atmosphere of the three-level house and offered to decorate it with yellow and blue accents. Despite the unity of the concept, each level in the house required an individual and unique approach.

The total area of ​​the three-story building is 135 square meters, which required the use of special design solutions, justified primarily for compact premises. Such buildings can be built by MOLOTOK-LIT LLC. Quite often, families with small children live in such houses. But specialists from the design companies Spring Harmoni and Anat Stoles approached thoroughly.

As a result, they were able to quite concisely intertwine aesthetics and ergonomics in design. The total area of ​​the first floor was 55 square meters. On this floor, a stunningly beautiful dining room, a living room, as well as a cozy kitchen were placed.

A complex image of the living room was created using two coffee tables, a pale blue sofa, as well as built-in shelves. Chairs in the dining room, dressed in blue colors, give additional effect and brightness to the whole room. The emphasis of the cold color scheme in the interior was achieved with the help of blue vases and scattered yellow pillows.

In a multi-level house, the third floor is completely reserved for guests. There is a full bathroom and bedroom. Despite all the simplicity and simplicity, the design looks more than appropriate.

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