What to wear with a yellow coat

In the winter cold, as well as in any other inclement season, many girls and women are used to dressing in boring and nondescript gray, brown or black coats. But the dull weather and the dark color of the outerwear only add to the longing in our mood. To prevent this from happening, many modern fashion houses offer the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity to choose coats for themselves in brighter and more saturated colors – red, emerald or sunny yellow.

What to wear with a yellow coat

But many women do not dare to do such an act due to the fact that they believe that a yellow coat will be difficult to combine with other things in their winter or demi-season wardrobe. But it’s not like that at all. Let’s prove it to them and consider the simplest combinations of a yellow coat with things familiar to us.

To begin with, let’s generally say a few words about what colors the yellow color of the model you purchased will harmonize well with. In short, it is green, gray or black. The last, black color, is, by the way, generally a win-win option. Therefore, if you are not sure that you can create a stylish and harmonious set based on a yellow coat on your own, then wear black items with it.

Now let’s talk about this in more detail and consider each model of the yellow coat separately.

Let’s say you bought a short yellow coat. Such a model will sit on you well if your figure does not have serious flaws. It is quite possible to wear such a coat with black tight trousers or jeans of your favorite style. For example, stylists suggest you make a set consisting of a yellow coat, a light blouse, a plain jumper, classic jeans and ankle boots. This set can become everyday because of its comfort and warmth.

What to wear with a yellow coat

We go further. With a coat made in the swing style, you can make a completely different set that will be no worse than the previous one. This yellow coat will look very stylish in combination with high patent leather ankle boots, a brown satin blouse, brown wool trousers and an animal print bag.

Another option. Perhaps you liked the yellow coat with slits for the arms, and you decided to buy such an interesting model? Note that a coat of a similar cut is called a “cape”. Under it, stylists advise wearing an airy maxi skirt, for example, beige. But with trousers, this coat model is undesirable to combine. Usually such coats are made of cotton, as they are not intended for the cold season. Another undoubted advantage of such a coat is that a woman of any build can wear it – such a model easily hides all figure flaws.

Next option. For lovers of retro style, modern fashion offers a yellow coat with three-quarter sleeves. You can and should wear it with classic shoes, for example, pumps, and a strict skirt.

The military-style coat, or, as clothing designers call it, the military-style coat has been on trend for several seasons. Do not be afraid to purchase such a coat model in yellow – this sunny color softens the stylistic rudeness of such a product a little and at the same time gives the female image a touch of femininity and even some playfulness.

What to wear with a yellow coat

And, in conclusion, street-style coats, which have recently become very popular among young people, may also be in yellow. Moreover, such coat models have, in accordance with their style, a variety of frills, ruffles and frills. Such feminine decor elements of your coat, combined with the sunny and perky color of its fabric, will turn your image into the image of a cute lady from a fairy tale.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for combining a yellow coat with other things in a women’s wardrobe. The main thing is to choose one that suits you and suits your lifestyle. And then your yellow coat every time you put it on will bring you joy and make you a happy person.

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