Cash dollars and real estate: new problems

At the moment, the vast majority of our compatriots continue to keep their savings in dollars, which can be sold everywhere, but they can already be purchased far from everywhere.

As a result, many homeowners decide to remove properties from sale and wait for a more stable situation in the country. This is due to the fears of sellers that after selling an apartment or house for hryvnia, they simply will not be able to transfer these funds into dollars. And in the company your house in St. Petersburg there are no such problems, and real estate can be bought both for rubles and for foreign currency.

In addition, attention should be paid to the likelihood that during the period of execution of the purchase and sale transaction, the dollar exchange rate may change. As a result, even now sellers and buyers are looking for ways to circumvent the restrictions of the National Bank, but at the same time not go beyond the current legislation. In reality, transactions of this kind are carried out according to the old method: a bundle of dollars is transferred to the seller, and he gives the keys to the apartment to the new owner.

In the current period of political and social instability, it is the presence of one’s own real estate that acts as a certain kind of guarantee of some kind, and stability, money are no longer such.

If we predict the prospects for the development of the real estate market in the short term, then there is nothing complicated. The real estate market will continue to work, only the work will be carried out exclusively “at idle”: the stagnation of the market will only deepen, it is natural that some transactions will be carried out in such conditions. Assessing the long-term prospects, it can be argued that everything will be largely determined by the Ukrainian geopolitical choice. While he remains unknown and ambiguous.

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