Today, the quality of floors in modern public buildings and in newly built or reconstructed industrial enterprises is an urgent problem. Porcelain stoneware flooring is too laborious and expensive, and does not always meet the stated strength and safety requirements. Marble chips are also no less time-consuming and no less expensive process, besides, the number of craftsmen capable of high-quality performance of this type of work tends to zero. Bare concrete floor is not entirely aesthetically pleasing, and not so durable, since under mechanical action, concrete loses its already small aesthetic qualities. Not so long ago, self-leveling floors with an increased perception of mechanical and chemical impacts appeared on the market. One of the manufacturers of such self-leveling floors is the scientific and production holding VMP, with a product line of epoxy and polyurethane self-leveling floors of the Goodline brand, produced at domestic factories in Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg.

More information about the products of the VMP holding can be found on the company’s website /leveling-floors-goodline/. Self-leveling floors “Goodline” are a two-component system, a deep penetrating primer and the self-leveling component itself, followed by the application of a varnish that improves the protective and decorative properties. Self-leveling floors “Goodline” according to the type of the main component are divided into polyurethane and epoxy. Polyurethane floors are used in most cases in civil and industrial facilities. In cases where production is associated with the use of aggressive chemicals, epoxy-based coatings are used.

In cases where the occurrence of static electricity is not allowed, special polyurethane coatings with antistatic properties are used. Polymeric floors of the “Goodline” line have high strength, have a high degree of resistance to mechanical stress, do not absorb water, are resistant to chemical attack, have high decorative qualities, can be painted in various colors. Satisfied customers are the main indicator of the high quality of the holding’s products.

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