Comprehensive apartment renovation – who to call for help?

When you move into a new apartment, you want to give it not only individuality, but also increase the level of comfort. There are a lot of decisions to be made: choose flooring, wall finishing material, ceiling installation technology, replace doors and windows, and much more. It is difficult to do it yourself, and only a few diverse specialists will be able to perform the work qualitatively.

What is a turnkey repair?? This is the execution of repair and construction work under the control of only one company. By concluding a contract, the customer receives a group of professionals specializing in different tasks. This includes the creation of an apartment design project, the order and delivery of building materials, full control over all repair work, budgeting, etc.

Benefits of a turnkey renovation

Starting a comprehensive renovation of a new apartment, the owner is faced with the need to find specialists in various fields. You can spend a lot of time and money negotiating contracts with different companies, for example, installing windows and interior wall cladding. But you still have to independently control the progress of the repair. There is an option to hire a universal specialist engaged in private business. But such professionals rarely have sufficient experience. So something needs to be redone. As a result, the cost of repairs only increases.

Companies providing such services always cooperate with wholesalers. This means that the cost of building materials will be significantly lower. In addition, the contractor independently controls the progress of the repair, which acts as a guarantee of the quality and accuracy of the work.

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