Electric ball valve

Ball valves are very popular among the public who use them in conventional systems. But we are in the world of high technologies and achievements, so such mechanisms are already beginning to lose their positions. The thing is that automation is gradually being introduced into our daily lives. After all, we can simply use a huge number of automated systems for our own purposes, we already use an incredible number of systems. Therefore, manual switching of the water supply in some systems is simply impossible, because then the process cannot be automated.

Therefore, electric ball valves are becoming more and more popular. It is still the same faucet that is installed in our water supply or heating system, but now it has an actuator that is powered by electricity and is able to receive a signal remotely. This makes it possible to open access to the water supply to your home. This allows you to automate all systems that use water in their work. But where can you use this faucet and is it worth using it at all??

This kind of ball valve has gained immense popularity in millet water treatment systems. After all, such systems must constantly open access to a certain substance and block it at a certain moment. For example, two taps are installed on the system, one supplies hot water, the second passes cold. Mixing water gives a certain temperature, this is a very simple way to prepare water.

But this process needs to be automated. Therefore, the sensor installed in the tank constantly measures the temperature and sends a signal to the regulator. Cranes are also connected to the regulator. After the sensor has given a signal that the temperature has reached its nominal value, the regulator sends a signal to the faucet actuators and they quickly block the access of water. This makes it possible to constantly monitor both the level and the temperature of the water.

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