Crushed stone as a building material

Recently, construction has become one of the most popular areas of business. Private houses, cottages and multi-storey houses are being built. In addition, various complexes for business and management are being intensively built. Therefore, at the moment, construction organizations are working almost continuously. After the delivery of one object, it is necessary to proceed to the construction of another.

In the process of carrying out various construction works, a large number of a wide variety of materials are used. The most popular of them are cement, brick, concrete, foam concrete, etc.d. But crushed stone plays an important role in modern construction.

Such material is used in almost any construction site, so it is impossible to do without it. Buy crushed stone today at, or from other distributors, you can at an affordable price. But before making a final decision on the purchase of such material, you should consider some of its features.

It is quite natural that most often crushed stone is used in the construction of the foundation of buildings. Everyone is well aware that the quality of the entire structure and its service life will depend on the quality of such a design. Most often, crushed stone of a large fraction is used for these purposes, but. Along with buta, medium and fine fractions are used.

This is due to the fact that the finer the fraction, the more solution can be saved, since the existing voids between large grains are filled with smaller ones. If crushed stone of only one fraction is used for the construction of a building, then the consumption of the solution will increase significantly.

Practice shows that when building a high-rise building or erecting the walls of a private cottage, it is better to use granite crushed stone, the fraction size of which is from 5 to 20 mm. This is a very important point, since such a material has high strength and excellent ability to withstand heavy loads. Granite crushed stone is also used in the process of building a foundation.

When laying a pillow for the base of the foundation, crushed gravel can also be used. Its cost is much lower than the granite counterpart. For such purposes, the most suitable material having a fraction of 20-40 mm. In addition, crushed gravel is often used for backfilling roads, car parks and parking lots, as well as for decorative purposes.

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