Fedoruk Company

The Fedoruk company guarantees high efficiency and cost-effectiveness of cargo transportation throughout Kyiv. The company carries out all orders with the support of the most famous and leading dispatch services. We transport goods of any size. In order to contact dreams, you just need to call our professional dispatchers, who will come and do all the work without additional payments. After that, they can advise you on how to do the job without wasting time and nerves, and calculate the cost of transportation.

The main rule of our company is high quality service. The quality of our service has been appreciated by numerous customers, as we have satisfied all their needs. We provide reliable and high quality freight forwarding service at an affordable price. We can always provide cars for all the tasks of the client, as the company has cars of any cubic capacity, class and tonnage in the arsenal of the company. This choice allows customers to select the most economical and suitable type of vehicle for their purposes. The most common means is a car that transports cargo to Kyiv and other cities of the country. Our cargo taxis have numerous advantages.

They are economical, versatile and allow customers to solve any problem. It can be said that the delivery of store purchases or any hazardous substances will ideally be carried out by road transport. Reliability of transportation is guaranteed. Efficiency is a very important factor for our customers, therefore our specialists will carry out the necessary delivery in the shortest possible time. Our vehicles are equipped with modern systems, including GPS navigation, so you can always see in real time where your cargo or goods are.

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