Fence netting

For the arrangement of the fence, and in the world of the fence, you can use many different materials. So for example, a chain-link mesh is perfect for this purpose. Despite the unfamiliar name, absolutely everyone knows what it is, this is the same metal mesh that gardens, sports grounds and other areas are often fenced off. This material has many qualitative differences from other materials used in the arrangement of fences. First of all, it must be pointed out that the chain-link mesh is very cheap, especially in comparison with other materials used in the organization of fences made of metal. True, it cannot be said right away that this material also has many disadvantages. Firstly, it is transparency, which in some cases is simply unacceptable. Secondly, the lack of reliability. Recently, ball valves have been very popular. You can buy them on the Internet.

Not only is the whole yard visible through this fence, it is also quite easy to climb over it. Thirdly, it cannot be called aesthetic and beautiful. Of course, someone may like a chain-link fence, but for this, in addition to it, it will be necessary to use metal poles and corners, which significantly increases the cost of building a fence and, in addition, makes it even more unreliable.

At the moment, the wrap grid has no great popularity. Now it is used either in the fencing of small gardens, or if more precisely, house plots or when the corrals for a home tummy, for example, chickens and ducks. You also need to mention the fact that the wire grid is often used when enclosing the bottom of the fence, that is, that part of it, which is under the main enclosing materials. In this case, strips of grid-widths are used as a rule from 25 to 30 cm.

The modern grid-shirt is always covered with a layer of zinc, so it is quite durable.

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