solar station. Peculiarities

Today, many people are trying to choose environmentally friendly energy sources.

A solar station is a great alternative to modern

diesel generators. What to look for when choosing solar


Features of the choice of solar panels

Solar battery power. The more powerful the solar panel, the

its value will be higher. So a panel whose power is 1000

W, will provide up to 100 W / h, more powerful will provide up to 200 W / h. But

you have to pay more for it.

• The more powerful the battery, the larger it is.

• There are several types of similar energy sources, which also differ in size.

In order to choose the right solar panel, you need to accurately

calculate how much electricity you need;

• In addition, it is very important to determine whether the large panel will fit where you plan to install it.

The cost of silicon, thin film panel is much cheaper than

monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels. However, such

the power source is large in size and small in power.


The cost of a solar panel depends on a number of factors. These include

power, physical size, brand, reliability and performance.

Types of solar panels

To date, manufacturers offer three types of solar panels:

Single crystal silicon wafers. They are efficient and

small size. To install such solar panels,

need another place. However, they have one significant drawback –

high cost.

Polycrystalline batteries. The manufacturing material is

polycrystalline silicon, which is characterized by good

productivity. To date, these batteries are the most

popular. These solar cells are good

performance and affordable price.

The cheapest are solar panels, which are made of

thin film silicon. The disadvantages include the large size and

small power.

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