What to look for when choosing a wardrobe

A person has long ceased to walk in animal skins and needs modern clothes, which accumulate a huge amount every year. To neatly place all this stuff, people came up with various storage methods. Antique chests are a thing of the past and today they are preferred by cabinets or chests of drawers.

A separate dressing room will help to free up space in the apartment. However, the size of our housing often leaves much to be desired and we have to cut out precious meters. Sliding wardrobes can rightly be considered the most useful invention in the world of furniture interiors in recent years.

How to choose the right wardrobe?

First of all, the future owner must decide on its dimensions. To do this, measure the height of the ceiling and the free space in the room where this piece of furniture will be located. Typically, the depth of the cabinet is offered by manufacturers in the region of 60-65 cm, however, when ordering, you can choose your own option. Narrower furniture is often bought in the hallway.

If the sizes are selected, then the turn of the filling comes. This includes various shelves, drawers and hangers.

The next step is its appearance. If inside the furniture meets all the criteria of the owner, and the design or color is significantly different from the general interior of the room, then the closet will look tasteless and ruin the whole style. Usually the color is matched to the wallpaper or large pieces of furniture. Some variation in semitones is allowed. Before buying or ordering, you can ask the store for a color sampler and see how the future container of clothes will look against the background of the rest of the situation.

In addition to sizes, fillings and colors, you need to pay attention to the strength of opening doors. There are hardly any problems with a hanger or shelves, but a broken door will spoil the mood and cause additional financial costs for repairs. For a new cabinet in the store, check the ease of movement, there should be no extraneous sounds or braking. In addition, the rollers of the mechanism may come off and the door will jam when moving. Be sure to ask the seller or other specialists about the mechanism installed in this instance and its reliability. If you need to pay a little extra for the best mechanism, then it is worth spending money – many years of trouble-free operation will cover these costs.

Sliding wardrobes can be placed not only in the bedroom, where people usually undress, but also in other rooms. Bedroom furniture is usually bought the size of an entire wall, which the closet covers completely. In the living room it is better to choose a smaller version and original design. Fully mirrored doors will look good, they add depth and spaciousness to the room. Manufacturers today offer options with built-in tables. Nice closet for a kid’s room.

Human fantasy knows no bounds. Before going to the store, you should look through catalogs or look at models on the Internet. Perhaps there you will find the only option suitable for you.

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