What to look for when buying a welding machine?

The concept of a semi-automatic welding machine and its types

A semi-automatic welding machine is an electrical and mechanical device designed to carry out welding operations using a melted electrode. The liquid that is released when the electrode melts is sent to the welding area (weld pool).

Semi-automatic welding machines are subdivided based on the method of protecting the weld pool from oxidative effects on:

Submerged arc welding.

Welding in passive or active gases.

Welding with powder electrode.

For consumers who want to buy semi-automatic welding, Kyiv first of all offers to pay attention to the price, and therefore these buyers often purchase submerged arc welding. However, when using these budget products, the quality of work suffers: the seam is worse (compared to welding in passive or active gases), and the fluxed electrode is expensive.

In addition to the above classification, welding can be divided into the following types:

consisting of one body and several.

single-phase (which are powered by a 220 V socket) or three-phase (380 V).

Composition of semi-automatic welding machines

Any semi-automatic welding has the following irreplaceable parts:

Power source for electric arc welding.

Gearbox with motor for moving the wire.

Sleeve burner.

Welding wire for connecting the clamp to the workpiece to be welded.

Sleeve for gas supply to the inlet fitting of the device.

Cylinder with pressure reducer.

Control system that manages the start, stop of the wire, feed speed and arc power adjustments.

Tips for buying semi-automatic welding

Today, many companies are engaged in the sale of semi-automatic welding machines, but in this market segment it is worth noting the company, Welding Planet, which has been operating in this market since 1999 and has established itself as a reliable partner engaged not only in the sale of welding equipment, but also in its delivery and service. It is worth noting that it is vital to have a semi-automatic welding machine on hand if you have a car or other equipment that needs to be repaired from time to time. When choosing welding, you first need to decide for what purpose it will be used. You also need to know the voltage in the home network. In practice, the highest quality seam is made if the house has a three-phase voltage (380 V).

Having all the specified data, it will be easy for the buyer to choose the right welding machine for himself. You can also do this using an online store, for example, /. When ordering welding products on this Internet resource, you can be sure of the quality of the purchased goods, while there is the possibility of buying on credit and delivering to any point in Ukraine directly into the hands of the buyer.

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