With or without trim?

On the territory of European countries, there are circumstances under which almost all new buildings have apartments with a fully finished finish, therefore, they are ready for new tenants to move in.

In our country, the situation looks diametrically opposite – all apartments are sold without any repairs. And the apartments presented in new houses with already completed repairs are positioned exclusively in the context of a certain “chip” offered by certain developers.

In reality, there are three main options for finishing an apartment during the introduction of a residential building into operational use.

Open plan apartment

With this option, the buyer has the opportunity to get a completely free apartment for living, while there is no finishing at all. In this kind of residential type objects, there are exclusively entrance doors, windows, heating radiators, double-glazed windows. There are no interior doors at all, and communication means are brought exclusively to the apartment itself. In this case, the owner receives complete freedom of action in terms of planning, as well as the subsequent arrangement of his own housing.

Practice has shown that most often open-plan apartments are purchased by creative individuals who intend to equip the most comfortable housing for their creativity and recreation.

Some development companies offer their customers and buyers of apartments services for their subsequent redevelopment directly at the stage of sale. This flexibility in the sale of real estate often contributes to a faster sale of residential properties.

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